Wroclaw Cycle Fest


Wroclaw Cycle Fest

Wroclaw Cycle Fest is the biggest, non sporting bike event in the region, organized by Wroclaw Cycling Initiative with support Wroclaw City Hall. It aims to promote cycling traffic as a great mode of transport and to integrate bike lovers! This year, cyclists will take part in The Great Peloton, which will start from Nowy Targ Place, take route through main streets and finish on Slodowa and Piasek Island, where will happen The Family Picnic.

In Poland, the bike is still mainly associated with sport. Meanwhile, world and european cities with the highest quality of life are those who have put a lot of emphasis on bicycle transport. We want to popularize the idea of the city for people in which you can move comfortably and quickly, noise does not exceed the acceptable standards, you can actively relax breathing clean air and children can independently and safely go to school. That is why we promote bicycle as an important element of ecological and sustainable transport.

The Great Peloton

The number of cyclists is still growing in Wroclaw and The Great Peloton is a perfect opportunity to show our presence on the streets, claim our rights and draw authorities and drivers attention to safety issues. For some of us it is one of the few occasions to ride on the roadways instead of illegal but safer riding on the pavements. Wroclaw is one of the most bicycle city in Poland. We want him to be the leader of this classification in a few years. It will be possible if the current cycling policy is continued!

The Family Picnic

It is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family and friends. Animations for children, shows and consultations for adults as well as groups of catering stands await the residents of Wroclaw. There will be also attractions for cyclists such as contests with prizes, bicycle exhibitors stands, free Doctor Bike workshop and the possibility of buying gadgets and bike marking by the police. The co-organizer of picnic is Wrocław Center for Social Development.