Wroclaw Cycle Fest


Wroclaw Cycle Fest

Wroclaw Cycle Fest is the biggest, non sporting bike event in the region. It aims to promote cycling traffic as a great mode of transport and to integrate bike lovers! 3500 cyclists took part in WCF 2017, you can’t miss it this time!

The Great Peloton

We’re meeting on Nowy Targ Place, just like in the previous years we are taking route through main streets, finishing in Tolpa Park. The number of cyclists is still growing in Wroclaw and The Great Peloton is a perfect opportunity to show our presence on the streets, claim our rights and draw authorities and drivers attention to safety issues. For some of us it is one of the few occasions to ride on the roadways instead of illegal but safer riding on the pavements.

The Bike Picnic

The Bike Picnic is a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon together. Like each year, give-away contests, free Dr Bike workshop, competitions for adults and kids, eating points selling delicious food and numerous bike stalls. Wroclaw Cycle Fest unifies cycling communities. Mountain bikes, urban bikes, BMX bikes, recumbent bikes and handbikes users picnic together with families with children, old-school bike lovers and bike messengers.

Wroclaw Cycling Initiative is the main organiser of Wroclaw Cycle Fest.